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ISSUE 1 | Sesihle Manzini | 28 MAY 2020

In An Other Kingdom, Old Testament scholar and theologian Walter Bruggerman, along with colleagues John McKnight and Peter Block write “economic systems based on competition, scarcity and acquisitiveness have become more than a question of economics; they have become the kingdom within which we dwell.” It’s easy to get intimidated by the world of economics, with its big words and even bigger ideas. Whilst it can be hard to wrap our brains around these life-altering ideals, an understanding of the way things are is crucial if we want to upend those assumptions and dream up new ways of living and being.


If we’re going to do justice to our Kingdom conversation, we have to talk economics. Again, Bruggerman McKnight and Block reiterate, “we live in a dominant cultural narrative best described as Free Market Consumer Ideology. This is a totalizing narrative, which provides the water within which most of our ideas and actions swim. The time is right to change the water and thereby the kingdom that it nourishes.”


Joining us on-the-line to guide us through these muddy water is economist, investment associate and lover of Jesus Mercy. She introduces us to an exciting industry within finance which is starting to challenge these traditional models, and talks us through living the Kingdom of Heaven now, challenging us to live in the enoughness of our Saviour, and reminding us that we serve an inclusive God who sees beyond the labels our consumer culture binds us to.

**Please note, this video includes a misspelling of the Kenyan term Matatu. Apologies for the inaccuracy.

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